Could Jaguar take on Porsche with an F-TYPE Targa? Ian Callum considers it

jaguar take porsche f type targa ian callum hints yes 2014 coupe

At the U.K. launch of the F-Type coupe, lead designer Ian Callum revealed to that a Targa model of the new F-TYPE is being considered, with it’s aim directed towards the most famous Targa: the Porsche 911.

The new F-Type variant was also hinted to be a hardtop, leaving just enough information for fantastic daydreaming. Stereotypical of all future car releases, Callum told Autoweek, “We’re considering it, but it’s not definite.”

Callum also stated that the issue with a Targa model is volume, further explaining that while 10 percent of Porsche numbers are Targas, 10 percent means two different things to the companies.

But with the excitement of the release of the new Jaguar coupe, and the positive reviews of the F-TYPE Convertible, one can only dream the company will put the plan into production.

The F-TYPE releases and rumors come one year after Jaguar announced a plan to invest 1.5 billion British pounds into producing new cars. With a small SUV in the works to be released soon, who knows what’s next for the self named villain vehicle of choice?