Kia names K9 luxury sedan “Quoris” outside Korean market

Kia names K9 luxury sedan Quoris outside Korean market

With Kia’s new flagship sedan bound for markets outside its native Korea, the time has come to officially christen the luxury model with a new name in order to captivate audiences around the world. That name ladies and gentlemen is the ‘Quoris.’

While we’re not exactly set alight by the name – Kia says Quoris is “derived from the English ‘core’ and ‘quality’” (um…okay) – it’s not the worse we’ve ever heard of. That lovely distinction goes to the Ford Probe with the Dodge Dart Swinger coming in a close second; we’ll even throw in the Chevy Citation as an honorable mention.

But we digress. And truth be told we’re rather intrigued by the Quoris when it launches stateside later in the year.

Apart from sporting a rather unconventional name the Quoris will also be packing some serious luxurious and safety refinements in its arsenal, such as full adaptive cruise control, a collision warning and mitigation system, blind spot detection, and lane departure warnings. Rounding out its laundry list of top-shelf features is an Around View Monitor system (AVM), which places a camera on each side of the vehicle meant to make parking and maneuvering tight spaces safer and easier with true 360 degree viewing.

With all that technology crammed in, and a seemingly stellar design, the Quoris is shaping up to be quite the showing from Kia. While it might not showcase the company’s ability to come up with a suitable name we have a feeling the Quoris won’t miss a note when it makes its way to the American auto market later this year.