Let the New Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 drift into your heart

As if Lamborghini knew exactly what all its fans wanted for Christmas this year, the Italian automaker has revealed a video of its new rear-wheel drive Huracan, the LP580-2, drifting into the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.

The promo clip was filmed at Imola Raceway in Italy where a black Huracan lets its tail slide and its engine roar along the famed F1 circuit. The tagline of the clip is “enjoyable technology,” but we all know that really means, “extra tire smoke, please.”

While down a few horses from its all-wheel drive sibling, (572 horsepower to the LP610-4’s 602) the rear-wheel drive Huracan is both cheaper and 72 pounds lighter. Lamborghini engineers also tweaked the sports car’s steering, suspension, and traction control systems to encourage “spirited” driving and greater driver engagement. The Italian automaker stopped short of adding a manual transmission (for now), but there’s still plenty to love about the new entry-level Lambo.

It’s not yet clear how close the performance figures will be between the 580 and 610 but expect the lesser Stallion to manage a low-3’s 0-to-60 mph time and a top speed in 200-mile-per-hour territory — that is, if you can keep the thing straight. Lamborghini evidently expects the price, driving dynamics, and mild styling tweaks to split buyer demographics.

Also in the works is a more aggressive version of the rear-wheel drive Huracan with added power, handling prowess, and unique bodywork. With a full stable of Huracan derivatives, Lamborghini will likely compete better with McLaren’s new 570S, 540C, and the upcoming GT variant.

Not that any of this matters to us commoners, so back to the video: give it a view (or five) and enjoy the soundtrack. Only a howling naturally-aspirated can perk up your afternoon better than a dark roast cup o’ joe.

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