Miles Branman

Miles Branman

Miles Branman doesn't need sustenance; he needs cars. While the gearhead gene wasn't strong in his own family, Miles discovered a passion for cars from an early age thanks to a friend whose father collected rare and exotic vehicles. His enthusiasm was stoked during his time at Boston University, when he started writing for Fast Lane Daily. After a short career in marketing for Northeast tech startups, Miles returned to California, and his primary passion: automotive. He has built and raced a Spec Miata (because racecar), loves compact hatchbacks and supercars equally, and can recognize a vehicle from 1,000 feet away by its taillights.

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How to add Bluetooth to your car

Make an old ride feel young again thanks to independent kits, vehicle adapters, or aftermarket head units.
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2019 BMW M2 Competition review

The BMW M2 Competition is frighteningly quick in a straight line, and its short wheelbase lends itself to some hilarious power slides, but it’s the curvy roads and tight tracks where this coupe comes alive.
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2019 Porsche Cayenne review

Now in its third generation, the 2019 Porsche Cayenne boasts updated styling, features, and performance hardware within deceptively similar bodywork. With improved rivals, the Cayenne needs to dazzle to stay ahead of the pack.
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2019 Ferrari Portofino Review

With the introduction of the Portofino, Ferrari addresses the California T’s stylistic shortcomings while improving comfort, convenience, and performance. There’s little “entry-level” about this super stallion.
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2019 McLaren 720S and 600LT Spider first drive

The convertible driving experience has always come at some expense to performance, and while other manufacturers have developed stylish, potent drop-top models, only McLaren has achieved harmony between coupe and convertible desires.
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2019 BMW i8 Roadster review

Want a high-performance vehicle that's more than just a frightening driving experience? Desire the look and feel of a sports car with the road manners of a luxury commuter? The BMW i8 is for you.