Lexus will finally offer a turbocharged four-cylinder, gives entry-level model another go

Lexus IS 250

Believe it or not, Toyota doesn’t have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Well, at least not at the moment anyway.

Seems strange, doesn’t it? A company that has long lead the industry in many ways has been slow to turbocharging. That’s all about to change, however. The Japanese automaker is said to roll out a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder in a new Lexus model, called the NX 200t.

Power ratings for this new turbo four is not yet known. We suspect it’ll make in the 250 horsepower range, though, if Lexus wants to keep up with the Joneses, as it were.

What other models could see the turbo four? The new Lexus IS’ base 2.5-liter V6 could be sent out to pasture and replaced with the new forced induction four-banger. On the flipside, the new RAV4 could see the new engine added to the top of its model range, according to Automotive News.

As for that new Lexus NX model, aside from the 200t, buyers will also see a 300h hybrid model, too, if the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings are to be believed. We’re surprised Lexus will work up a new model like that after its entry-level HS 250h was such a crushing failure.

Remember, dear readers, turbocharged four-cylinders might be fun, but we’re not convinced they’re more fuel-efficient than a competently designed six-cylinder. Fours might be lighter but throttle-happy drivers will often find turbochargers to be a fuel consumption nightmare.

Eager to get your hands on a turbo-four-powered Lexus? You’ll have to wait until 2015.