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To save Subaru owners money, Liberty Mutual’s RightTrack app offers real-time driving tips

Nobody likes a backseat driver, but if they could save us money while actually keeping us safe, we might just change our tune.

At CES 2016, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Subaru have announced a new, helpful version of the backseat driver in the form of the RightTrack app. Available in 2016 on vehicles equipped with Subaru’s Starlink infotainment system, the program gives motorists real-time analysis of their driving style, which can help reduce insurance premiums and keep them out of danger. According to the companies, RightTrack is the first app of its kind.

“We are excited to bring this innovative offering to market,” said Hamid Mirza, Auto Product Manager at Liberty Mutual. “This partnership combines Liberty Mutual’s extensive experience and reach in usage-based insurance with Subaru and Clarion’s cutting-edge connected car technology to bring RightTrack savings to consumers in new ways.”

RightTrack is powered by the Clarion Smart Access platform, a cloud-based information service that works with Starlink to bring vehicles and smartphones together. When the app is active, it offers instant feedback on the driver’s behavior behind the wheel, while also providing a comprehensive report after each trip. Depending on the amount of rapid acceleration, hard braking, or other factors, Subaru owners will be eligible for savings through Liberty Mutual’s usage-based insurance program. Starlink also gives drivers access to services like severe weather alerts, roadside assistance, automatic collision notification, stolen vehicle recovery, diagnostics, and more.

Subaru wasn’t the first automaker to announce a big partnership at CES 2016, and it certainly won’t be the last. On Monday, Volvo and communication technology firm Ericsson revealed plans to develop intelligent, high-bandwidth media streaming capabilities for use in self-driving cars. What else are you going to do while being driven to work, read? Read more about the story here.

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