Lotus says again it’s not going out of business but cloud of skepticism lingers

Lotus Evora Sports RacerLotus officials wasted no time moving to clear up reports that the carmaker is not closing its doors.

The British automaker issued an official statement on the matter a few hours after reports surfaced on AutoCar Monday that the Lotus group had appeared on a court document as having a “winding up” order issued, a British term for “closed. “

“The appearance of Group Lotus plc on the Companies Court Winding Up list was the result of a contested petition from a supplier that “was settled amicably several weeks ago,” reads the official statement as posted on Jalopnik. “The petition still exists on the court lists because once the process begins it has to be completed before a judge.”

team-lotus-should-keep-name-in-f1-autoevolution-poll-31968_1Earlier today, the claim was dismissed with no order as to costs.

However, the rumors that Lotus was near liquidation do fuel ongoing speculation that the company is still dealing with some major financial issues. In April of 2012, Lotus also had to respond to claims surrounding the company’s financial troubles and management issues. 

The company’s image suffered another blow in December when it asked to be released from its IndyCar contract as an engine supplier after struggling badly in its debut season. 

Maybe it’s all just a sign that despite how cool the idea of a Lotus might seem, the car company is trying to play a bit out of its league — and it’s long overdue that the automaker recognized it.