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While not fast as an F1 car, McLaren’s P1 GTR’s steering wheel has almost as many buttons

McLaren offered a first tantalizing glimpse at its track-focused P1 GTR at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, but this monstrous supercar was meant to do more than sit on a lawn.

The British carmaker has released the first images of the P1 GTR’s interior, as well as details of the Driver Programme it will offer to owners in preparation for taming this beast.

Just like the exterior, everything in the P1 GTR’s interior was designed to help the car go faster. The already-spartan accommodations are stripped down even further, with lightweight racing seats and six-point harnesses that will be fitted to individual drivers.

The steering wheel is inspired by the one from the 2008 MP4-23 Formula One car, which means it’s covered in buttons.

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McLaren says the wheel was designed with user-friendliness in mind, but it will likely to considerable concentration to find the correct controls for different car settings – including the Drag Reduction System active aero and IPAS push-to-pass feature – while hurtling around a track at high speed.

Since most P1 GTR buyers probably haven’t had much seat time in an F1 car, McLaren will also offer a driver training program that only includes time with instructors, but also behind-the-scenes access to the McLaren Technology Centre.

The program is meant to give P1 GTR owners a sense of how McLaren trains its F1 drivers and, presumably, to keep those same owners from going down in YouTube infamy.

Production of the P1 GTR doesn’t begin until next year, and in the meantime McLaren is still tweaking it. The company says it’s adhering to a rigorous testing schedule, including more driving throughout Europe this winter.

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