AMG’s Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series is one more reason we wish games were real

Mercedes-Benz and Gran Turismo 6 blew the automotive design world when they unveiled not only the virtual AMG Vision Gran Turismo but also the real-life concept as well at last year’s LA Auto Show.

Sculpted in the image of a “hunting feline,” the AMG Vision Gran Turismo combined sleek bodylines and incredible power into one imposing package.

Now the designers have one-upped even themselves with the new AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series variant.

The new AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series takes the already uproarious car and makes it much more mental. A large rear wing has been added, which improves downforce, pushing the streamlined car into the road. Although drag is increased with the wing, drivers who prefer high-speed circuits will love the elevated levels of grip.

The CCD camera-based side view mirrors of the original have been replaced with conventional mirrors. This in part helps bring weight down by 85 kilos, taking total curb weight to 1,300 kg.

Impressively, while weight is down, power is up. The 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 now makes 591 horsepower, while the 7-speed AMG dual-clutch transmission has been optimized not for ride comfort but rather for performance.

With a new lower center of gravity, lower ride height, and increased power output, the new AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series should perform even more impressively on the circuit.

Want to get behind the wheel of this ferocious automotive feline? You’ll have to fire up GT6 on your PS3.