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Mercedes-Benz previews future BMW X6 rival in Concept Coupe SUV form ahead of Beijing

mercedes benz previews future bmw x6 rival concept coupe suv form ahead beijing motor show

When BMW began rolling out crossover coupe variants of every one of its SUVs, like the 2015 BMW X4, we knew Mercedes-Benz and Audi would have to respond eventually – as much as it pained us.

And although the hideous, hunchbacked BMW X6 has been cruising the planet for six years without challenge, Mercedes is finally taking a swing at the hulking beast with its forthcoming 2015 MLC model.

mercedes concept suv 2

Previewed above in Concept Coupe form, slated to debut at the Beijing Motor Show on April 20th, it’s clear Mercedes designers haven’t disguised their X6-fighting intentions, as, well, the thing looks just like an X6 with an embiggened GLA grille.

When the thing goes into production, it’ll be based upon the ML-Class chassis and include much of the same off-roady bits as its full-roofed brother. Just like the ML, the MLC will also be built in Alabama. This means that the majority of sales should come from the U.S. and China.

What do you think of the looks of the new Mercedes Concept Coupe? Tell us in the comments below.

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