New edition of Mercedes-Benz’s super sexy 2013 C63 AMG will be limited to Japan only

Mercedes-Benz C63 Special Edition Just when you thought the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG couldn’t get any edgier, the German-based automaker unleashes a new edition of the car to be sold exclusively in Japan that’ll likely have a few people checking freight costs.

The special C63 AMG limited model, which is strictly for the Japan market, comes in a white exterior finish with red accents on the mirrors, brake, calipers, boot lid spoiler,  and a two-tone red and black leather interior.

The car will boost the same power as the popular Performance Studio edition rolled out last year in Japan − with an increase in the V8’s engine output by 30 horsepower, from 450 horsepower to 480 horsepower.

mercedes-benz-unveils-new-limited-edition-c63-amg-in-japan-medium_4Getting your hands on one, however, won’t be easy even if you live in Japan or are willing to dish out the extra cash to have the car shipped to the states.

Mercedes-Benz is only making 35 units of the car, which includes 15 coupes and 20 sedans.

The limited edition C63 AMG Performance Studio model, unveiled last summer exclusively for the Japanese market, featured a matte black exterior with red accents on the wheels, and a two-tone, red and black interior.

More details on the new edition will be released soon, which will likely only further infuriate fans in the U.S who’d like to get their hands on one.