New 650bhp Bentley Continental Supersports gives the luxury brand an additional punch

Bentley Continental SupersportsBentley is planning to unveil a new 650bhp flagship coupe that will likely have even more people dreaming of owning one of the luxury cars.  

According to the UK’s Auto Car, the new Bentley Continental Supersports will fall right between the current 616bhp Speed to the new 675bhp-plus Continental GT3 that Bentley plans to launch in 2015 along with a more track-inspired Continental GT3 model.   

The Supersports’ twin-turbo W12 will likely see a 30bhp or so increase over the Speed.

In addition to more power, the Bentley Continental Supersports will also likely feature stiffer suspension and probably a less lux, stripped-out cabin.

To lower the weight, Bentley is reportedly planning carbon fiber body panels, lightweight composite seats and even possibly removing the car’s rear seats to make a two-seat cabin.

All the changes, notes Auto-Car, will focus on elevating the driver’s overall experience when behind the wheel of the new luxury sports car. In addition to overall power, key performance-oriented enhancements will include sharper steering and handling, firmer body control and a sportier sounding exhaust note.    

Even better, with the current 616bhp Speed having an estimated 0 – 60 time of around 4.0 seconds, the higher-performance Supersports model promises to be even more of a thrill.  

Bentley isn’t expected to reveal any details on the Continental Supersports until next year’s Geneva Motor Show.