In honor of Joan Rivers (let’s say), Nissan to give GT-R one final facelift

Nissan is in the early stages of developing the next-gen GT-R, but a new report finds the current model (pictured) will be given one final facelift before it is sent to the history books.

“I think we need to keep developing [the R35 GT-R] and squeezing every last ounce of performance out of it. I think that our customers really value and respect the fact that it’s being constantly honed and refined,” explained James Oliver, the boss of Nissan UK’s sports car division, in an interview with Top Gear.

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The updated GT-R will likely greet the public for the first time at a major auto show next year. Nissan is keeping details under wraps until the car is formally introduced but industry rumors indicate the bulk of the visual modifications will be centered around the coupe’s front end. Expect a new, more aggressive bumper and a revised radiator grille.

The aesthetic updates will almost certainly be accompanied by minor interior tweaks. Oliver’s comments hint that the facelift will also bring more power to the table.

The facelifted GT-R will stay on the market until an all-new model arrives in 2017 or 2018. An earlier report hints the next GT-R will pack even more of a punch thanks to a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain developed jointly by Nissan and Williams.