Nissan targets young drivers, in-car connectivity fad with new ‘Friend-ME’ Concept

Friend-ME Concept The potential of in-car connectivity has reached new levels with the announcement that Nissan will unveil a new concept called Friend-ME at the Auto Shanghai Auto Show.

No really, the actual name is Friend-ME.  Sounds like something lifted straight from a Facebook or Twitter campaign right?

Well, welcome to the future of the automobile.

The concept, set to debut at the April 20 show, is being developed by designers working at Nissan Design China in Beijing. The vehicle features a unique center console that allows for “Four Seats, One Mind Connectivity” – equal information sharing among all aboard,” according to Nissan’s official press release.  

Friend-ME is designed for the “vibrant, young generation in China, one of most exciting segments in the fastest-growing automobiles in the market,” the press release continues.  

Even though it’s only a concept, I can only imagine how the idea is going over with car safety officials who are concerned that so many in the “young generation” already have far too many distractions when driving. Add to the mix a group of hyper teens all sharing photos and tweets among each other about a Justin Bieber concert they just attended, and things get even scarier.  

For those of us who are intrigued by the future of in-car technology, April 20 can’t come soon enough for Nissan to provide more details on the concept.  

Friend-ME is actually part of a more comprehensive Nissan strategy at the Shanghai show to highlight the overall technological advancements being made by the company when it comes to new vehicles.  Among the 20 vehicles displayed at the show, Nissan will also showcase the GTR, Quest and Murano, and the new global Teana sedan.   

Chances are, however, most of the photos from the Nissan booth lighting up social networking platforms will be of the Friend-Me.