Trends with Benefits: VR’s going mainstream, VW’s in deep diesel, and more

One of the biggest social-media trends right now is apps that allow you to live stream whatever you want, whenever you want, right from your smartphone. Today we gave Nomadcast a try, after using Periscope the last several weeks, and of course, we had to stop and debate the merits.

The Oculus Connect 2 event included a number of announcements intended to take VR into the mainstream. The Gear VR 2 will be coming out for $99, and Hulu and Netflix have also announced their plans to jump into VR content production as well. But do filmmakers actually know what to do with 360-degree video and VR yet?

Volkswagen is in a world of trouble in the U.S., after news broke it had intentionally installed software to fool EPA emissions tests. Almost 500,000 cars will need to be recalled. How did this all happen, and who knew about it?

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