Red Bull Racing designs a swoopy, road-going Formula One racecar for Gran Turismo 6

red bull racing x2014 to debut in gran turismo 6

The line between the real world and video games is blurring.

Typically, car designers create vehicles for human beings to occupy. These vehicles are then built from steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastic.

However, Red Bull Racing’s latest design is made entirely of pixels.

The champion Formula One team worked with Polyphony Digital to create the Red Bull X2014 for Gran Turismo 6.

The car was designed by Polyphony with input from Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey. It looks like an F1 car that’s been modified for road use.

At the front, the X2014 has the signature F1 car nose and low-hanging front spoiler, but with swoopy fenders that enclose the tires and a set of headlights. The single-seat cockpit is also fully enclosed, giving the car the look of a jet fighter.

The rear wheels are completely enclosed – presumably for aerodynamic efficiency – but are completely separate from the rest of the bodywork. As always in F1, the engine is mounted behind the driver.

Red Bull Racing X2014

This is actually one of three versions of the X2014. Officially called the X2014/F or “fan car”, it will be joined by the “Standard” X2014/S and “Junior” X2014/J.

This isn’t the first time Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing have collaborated with the creators of Gran Turismo. For the launch of Gran Turismo 5, Newey helped design the X1 Prototype, another fantasy car powered by a 1,483-horsepower gas turbine engine.

Red Bull didn’t say what kind of power plant the X2014 has. Expect an update as more details are released.

Joining the X2014 in the virtual showroom is the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept. Like the X2014, it was made exclusively for Gran Turismo 6, the Vision Gran Turismo features extreme styling of its own, plus a 577 hp V8 engine.

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