Red Oval? Ford considering new China-only brands

Red Oval? Ford considering new China-only brands

With the Chinese auto market in continued growth, American car manufacturer Ford may be contemplating a powerplay that would see it launching new vehicle brands specifically for the Chinese market, Reuters reports.

It’s no ancient Chinese secret that the auto market is rapidly expanding in the People’s Republic. Last year, over 18.5 million cars and trucks were sold in China alone, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Blue Oval. Ford already produces a number of vehicles in the country, including the Fiesta, Mondeo, and Focus models through a partnership with Chongqing Changan Automobile Company and Mazda, as well as Jiangling Motors which produces Ford’s Transit van.

According to Ford, China is expected to experience an increased sales growth of five percent by the end of the year, with Ford estimating its own vehicle sales to topple that figure. Last year, Ford sold an estimated 519,390 passenger cars in China, which signifies a seven percent increase over 2010.

But while Ford might be seeing green in the land of red (or at least hopes to), other automakers have beaten it to the punch. Currently, both General Motors and Volkswagen enjoy a sizeable lead over Ford, something the Dearborn-based automaker will likely look to rectify.

Of course it all ties back to the almighty dollar, or Renminbi in this case, for Ford. Continued expansion into China would mean more than just a new brand, but improved access to the indigenous market share. For now though, Ford has made no official decision, but time will tell whether the Blue Oval starts exhibiting a red hue.

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