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Rolls-Royce launches a cocktail hamper for the money-to-burn crowd

Rolls-Royce has just announced a luxuriously designed limited-edition Cocktail Hamper, all ready to serve up enough booze to help you forget how much you paid for it.

At £26,000 ($39,000) a pop, this unique package is aimed squarely at the money-to-burn crowd, though with only 15 units available, interested folks will have to act fast to secure one.

So what’s Rolls-Royce offering for that kind of money? Well, as its name so clearly suggests, the hamper contains everything you need to knock together a round of tasty, and possibly very potent, drinks. There’s even a recipe book included should you be looking for inspiration.

The “meticulously hand-crafted” cabinet took eight weeks to build, Rolls-Royce says, and comprises aluminum, American walnut wood, and “the finest natural grain leather that adorns the interior of some Rolls-Royce motor cars.”


The hamper’s upper tier holds a shaker, decanters, platinum-rimmed tumblers, and a selection of smaller utensils including a muddler finished in American walnut and a strainer engraved with the ‘RR’ monogram. In the lower section you’ll find an ice bucket, bottle opener, ice tongs, a glass serving tray, fine cotton napkins, a chopping board, and dishes for canapés. Oh, and it comes with straws, too.

The details are certainly impressive. Take its paring knife, for example, which is magnetically housed in a recess “thereby ensuring it is stored and transported in safety and without disturbance.”

As for the tumblers, they’re the work of “Europe’s most revered glassmaker,” and took “one month to complete owing to the utilisation of a time-honoured technique that sees the glass blown into beech wood moulds, guaranteeing an exceptionally smooth surface.”

The marketing spiel continues: “The presence of the human hand at every stage of the production process ensures no two glasses are the same.” That’s something I used to say about my half-assed pottery attempts as a child, though clearly these particular artisans have the skill and experience to create something actually worth keeping.

Rolls-Royce’s marketing team is pitching the kit at those “who wish to relax and enjoy something a little beyond the traditional glass of champagne.”

If you’re interested in Rolls-Royce’s Cocktail Hamper but it’s a little out of your price range, there’s always Bentley’s Mulliner alternative offering, available for a mere £21,000 ($31,500).

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