Slowest supercar in the world powered by bike

Created by a group of Austrian artists, the “Fahrradi Farfalla FFX” is an attempt to mimic sports cars while being powered by pedals. Fahrradi in German means “bicycle” and Farfalla translates to “butterfly” in Italian, which refers to the gull wing doors that the car features. The car comes with an angled gear attached to the rear axle that moves the doors while driving, resulting in a wing beat that is similar to a butterfly. The creators say that this lets the car lift slightly off the ground; they called it “anti-gravitation”, which also gets better interior ventilation as a side effect.

The Fahrradi isn’t based off any existing cars. Instead the group, Han-Ian, created the car using concept designs and features coupled with their own vehicular designs. You might not be able to tell in any of the photos but the Fahrradi is a two-seater, though you can drive solo. 

Interestingly, in Austria it’s legal to drive (or perhaps ride?) the Fahrradi on public streets. Han-Ian even included a lighting system made up of approximately 200 ultra-bright LEDs for night-time use. 

Previously, the collective created a mimic based on the Porsche GT3 RS under the “sports team” MT Racing. If you’d like to see the Fahraddi in person you’ll have to fly to Linz, Austria and visit the Lentos Museum of Art where it will be on display until July 4 as part of the “Car Culture: The Car as Sculpture” exhibition.”