Spring Breeeaaak! WaterCar’s Panther is the fastest aquatic car … in the world

Sure, there are plenty of cars that can drive on road as well as drive in the water; Americans have been doing it for generations. But which is the fastest? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the WaterCar Panther.

This cleverly named Jeep Wrangler lookalike is powered by a 3.7-liter Honda V6 making 250 horsepower, which, if you don’t mind my saying so, sounds pretty beefy in the WaterCar-produced video below.

So how fast is the Panther? WaterCar says it will do 80+ mph on land and 44 mph on the water.

Constructed on bespoke steel tube frame, the Panther’s the body is made from fiberglass just like a boat. While all of that seems pretty pedestrian, it’s the transfer case that really stands out.

“The most important component that makes the Panther possible is the patented transfer case that converts the power from the motor to the jet and the transmission,” WaterCar brags on its website.

Although WaterCar calls the system “indestructible”, I’d say the best feature of the Panther is its ability to allow users to “bro out”. Look closely now. That lovely bikini clad lady on the right in the gallery has braces complete with rubber bands! Oh yeah. Very choice.

WaterCar also brags the Panther has four-wheel disc brakes. Look at the picture of the bro dude picking up the hot blonde in his righteous silver and lime green Panther, though. He’s had to use a two-by-four behind his rear wheel to keep from rolling backwards down the street.

When you’re not two-by-fouring it on the street, transition from land-lover to sea captain is really quick. WaterCar says it only takes 15 seconds: “Once you enter the water put the transmission in neutral, pull a knob to engage the jet, push a button to raise the wheels and off you go. Reverse the process when exiting the water.”

So what will this water-going wildcat cost you? For a completely assembled unit, you’ll have to shell out a cool $135,000. Really, though, can you put a price on being able to go four-wheeling on both land and sea?

Naw, bro. Naw.

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