SRT unveils $459,000 Dodge Viper GT3-R – and, no, you can’t drive it home

Viper GT3-R

If you ask us, half the fun of owning a nearly $500,000 car is showing up at the supermarket or your kids’ piano recitals in it. If you can’t rattle windows and scare old people with it, why not just get a $100,000 Porsche, then?

We say that – then we see the SRT GT3-R and rethink things.

Though it’s powered by the same V10 as the standard Viper, SRT has added a few new, special bits. The body is more aerodynamic, thanks to the upgraded body package, which is said to improve handling.

Next SRT added Xtrac six-speed sequential transmission with paddle shifters, six-piston front brake calipers with four-piston rears, lightweight wheels, and a multi-disc race clutch. “The SRT Viper GT3-R is the next logical progression of our successful Viper GTS-R, a championship-proven formula that has captured some of the world’s most prestigious races,” said Ralph Gilles, President and CEO of SRT.


OK – yes – the Viper GT3-R is too much money. But in a track world dominated by Porsches, we’d seriously own the daring Viper if we had more money than sense.

We suppose that if we had that much money, a highly illegal drive to the supermarket in our specially designed American racecar wouldn’t be completely out of the question. Heck, how much could that ticket be anyway?