Who wins between a 691-hp Lamborghini and a 691-hp Tesla? This video has the answer

Earlier this month, we brought you a video of a Tesla Model S P85D taking on a Ferrari 550 with spectacular results.

The 691-horsepower electric smoked the once range-topping Italian from a roll, but this time, the Tesla is fighting up a weight class.

YouTube user and P85D owner Rego Apps has posted a race between himself and a Lamborghini Aventador, both of which feature an identical 691-hp output.

The cross-continental showdown highlights the Tesla’s ridiculous torque figure, which recent tests have pegged at a dyno-slipping 864 pound-feet. The four-door weighs 851 pounds more than the Lambo, but the instant electric power allows the Model S to jump off the line effortlessly.

It takes an early lead over the V12 Lambo at first, but eventually, the massive top end of the Aventador takes over and pulls ahead for the win.

Officially, the P85D has a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, while the Italian supercar posts a figure of 2.9 seconds. However, in the real world, where driver ability and road conditions come into play, few cars will beat the point and click acceleration of the dual-motor Tesla.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Despite the loss, the Model S’ performance against a $393,695 mid-engine supercar is quite astounding. It may be a range-topping performance model, but the P85D is essentially a hopped-up luxury sedan, one that costs less than a third of the Lamborghini and has room in the back, no less.

Of course, put these cars in the twisties and it’ll be no contest.

What do you think a race like this means for the automotive performance industry? Let us know in the comments.