Is Ford planning diesel- and hybrid-powered Mustangs? You bet

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Ford, as I am sure you know, unveiled the 2015 Mustang last week and it, like we presumed, will be offered with V6, a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder, and a 5.0-liter Coyote V8.

This is not where Ford is planning to stop with its powertrain options. Bob Fascetti, Ford’s powertrain boss, told GoAuto that the American automaker has pondered both diesel and hybrid variants of the world’s most iconic pony car.

“We’re not looking at diesel at the moment, but given where we need to go with fuel consumption we are looking at all our options,” he revealed. “And diesel is one of those options, along with hybrids and electric.”

If an automaker says its not considering something like diesel at the moment but that it has considered it in general, you can believe that it’s absolutely seriously considering diesel. A diesel Mustang – especially for the global markets Ford aims to conquer with the Mustang – makes a lot of sense, especially given the increasingly stringent Federal fuel economy standards coming down the line.

Diesel is the most affordable option in the global markets outside the U.S. Not only is it economical, it’s also torque-y. Pony cars have always benefited from a lot of rear-wheel drive torque. A turbo diesel could be a perfect source of penny-pinching torque.

As for hybrid, it’d be ideal for the U.S. where diesel is more expensive. Just like diesel, hybridization adds torque and boost acceleration while also cutting down on fuel consumption.

Add to those drivetrains Ford’s forthcoming 10-speed automatics that it is working on developing with hometown rival General Motors and the 2015 Mustang could be brilliant looking, powerful, and eco-friendly – all in one.

We’ll be watching this story closely so be sure to check back for more on this and any news on the all-new Mustang.

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