Which 2015 Ford Mustang concept renderings circling the web gets your vote?

top ten 2015 ford mustang concepts circling the web 2015mustangtn

Google “new Ford Mustang” and you’ll likely turn up dozens if not a few hundred photos and drawings speculating what the 2015 model could possibly look like.

The anticipation for the new Mustang is quickly heating up to be one of the biggest American car debuts in decades, perhaps even bigger than the buzz surrounding the new Corvette Stingray, which was unveiled to great fanfare earlier this year at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

 Couple that with the fact the launch of the new Mustang will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the iconic pony car and next year’s rollout could go down as the biggest car debut ever.

As we all know, it’s typically the exterior design of a new model that drives interest.

However, with Ford not releasing many details about the car yet, most of our ideas of what the new Mustang will look like have been regulated to those photos circulating online.

Practically everyone from major buff books the likes of “Car and Driver” to custom shops like JC Design have come up with some interpretation of how the next-gen Ford Mustang will look. But honestly, only a few have really sparked my interest in the upcoming model.

Of course,  even with most agreeing that the new model will likely look like the Ford Evos Concept,  you can’t put too much weight into the idea considering how some new vehicle debuts have panned out in the past as noted in some of our previous reports.

Still, with all the excitement around the new model, I decided to weigh in on the madness and scour the dozens of renderings online to come up with my top ten favorite conceptual renderings of the 2015 Ford Mustang in no particular order – understanding that some of them are highly unlikely.

Thought being said, if Ford nails just the right mix of some of these design cues on its next pony car, they definitely could have another hit on their hands for years to come.

Which look is your favorite? Check out the photo gallery above and be sure to comment below.