Tramontana XTR: Another Spanish supercar sensation?

Tramontana XTR Another Spanish supercar sensation

What happens when you debut a bold, unconventional supercar stacked with carbon fiber bodywork, a curb weight of less than 2,800 pounds, and outfit it with a Mercedes-Benz-sourced V12 capable of pumping out 760 horsepower? Well, if you’re Spanish firm Tramontana, you best your efforts with an even beastlier version of your Tramontana R supercar.

Dubbed the Tramontana XTR, the latest and most hardcore version of Tramontana’s lineup of formula-inspired roadsters — which includes the original open-top Tramontana, a higher spec Tramontana S model, and the closed-roof Tramontana R — is looking to give cars from traditional outlets like Santa’Agata Bolognese and Maranello a run for their money.

Tramontana XTR side

For now, all we have to go off of are a few renders released by the company, but from the looks of it the XTR should retain that unique and imposing flavor that the Tramontana has become synonymous with.

The XTR will feature a mid-mounted engine layout located just behind the cockpit and utilize yet another Mercedes-Benz-sourced turbocharged engine. Only this time, expect a tuned version of the vicious V12 to spit out 888 horsepower and 678 lb-ft of torque.

Exact performance figures have yet to be released, but given the engine tuning and increased power we expect the XTR to outmatch the R’s 3.6 second 0-62 time and 202 mpg top speed with ease.

Tramontana XTR rear

According to the Spanish supercar maker, the Tramontana XTR is expected to command a hefty sticker price of € 420,000 (roughly $514,000 USD) when it launches later this year. Though, the company plans on producing just 12 examples each year until manufacturing capabilities can be boosted. Either way, the Tramontana XTR looks like it could very well be a fresh and (hopefully) viable addition to the supercar scene, assuming it can walk the walk, or rather, drive the drive.