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Uber offers skiers and snowboarders a hassle-free ride to the slopes

Uber has just launched Uber Ski. No, the company’s latest offering isn’t a new ridesharing service for snowy regions where you somehow attach yourself to a “driver’s” skis to get around town.

Nor is it some kind of skisharing service akin to those using electric bikes and scooters (now there’s an idea).

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It’s actually a way for Uber riders to request a car to take them to and from the slopes, with the vehicle guaranteed to have enough room — and/or a rack — for your skis or snowboard.

The new service lands in time for this winter, and is available now in 23 locations across the U.S. (listed at the end of this piece).

Riders in served locations will see an Uber Ski icon on the ride request page, enabling them to select a vehicle that can handle extra gear. Not surprisingly, the ride option comes with a surcharge, believed to be $8 (we’ve asked Uber for confirmation and we will update this story when we hear back), which seems reasonable considering the convenience of the service.

Drivers with suitable cars — in other words, with a large enough interior and a ski/snowboard rack or truck bed — can sign up to the service and accept rides from those heading to and from the slopes. To incentivize drivers into joining the program, Uber will pay a portion of the surcharge of the riders’ surcharge.

Uber Ski is available now in Anchorage, Alaska; Boise, Idaho; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, Colorado; Colorado Rockies; Flagstaff, Arizona; Eastern Washington; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; New Hampshire; Portland, Oregon; Portland, Maine; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington; Upstate New York; Vermont; Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Pennsylvania; Worcester, Massachusetts; and Wyoming.

Uber is always looking to tweak its service to offer more convenience for customers. Earlier this year, for example, it gave drivers the chance to offer a greater selection of items to riders as part of an in-car shopping experience powered by Cargo.

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