VIDEO: Thieves use ‘mystery box’ to instantly unlock and rob high-tech cars

High-Tech Car Thieves Evidently, car buyers are not the only ones big on in-car technology.  

Would-be thieves seem to be digging all the high-tech systems as well.

Moving up from the sophistication of busting a car window or jimmying open the door lock, criminals in the Los Angeles and Chicago area have been caught on camera using a mysterious remote device to unlock the doors of vehicles, according to a recent CNN report.

In what seems to function much like the typical keyless fob, the thieves have apparently found a way to hack the cars’ lock/unlock systems at high speed, giving them a much less conspicuous way of making off with the goods inside the cars. None of the cars in the video were stolen, just the spendy tech toys owners thought were secure behind their high-tech security systems.

What’s more, the high-tech break-ins reportedly even have automakers stumped, which makes you wonder if a lot of the car technology that’s supposed to make us safer has actually made us much more vulnerable than we realize. Can anything not be hacked?

Watch the CNN video report here.