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Want more Mercedes AMG GT? Check out this awesome Black Series rendering

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series render
The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT was just unveiled on Tuesday, but the minds of the automotive world are forever unsatisfied.

Almost immediately after the GT’s anticipated public debut, the thoughts of the motoring community drifted to the ferocious potential of an unhinged Black Series version. A Black Series version of the AMG GT is almost inevitable, given the coupe’s revered status in the AMG line.

Now, we have an idea of what the AMG GT Black Series could look like, thanks to automotive artist rc82.

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As you might have guessed, the enhanced AMG wears an aerodynamic array of dive planes, wings, and fins. It’s also been fitted with a plethora of cooling vents on the hood and fenders, something that hopefully foreshadows a power boost from the 4.0-liter biturbo V8.

The standard car actually produces less grunt than its predecessor, the 583-horsepower SLS AMG GT. The new car puts out 503 hp in range-topping (for now) GT S guise. To be honest, I expected more.

The 2015 Corvette Z06 puts out almost 150 hp more, at a price that looks to start $20,000 to $40,000 less. Sure, the Mercedes will likely offer a more refined driving experience, but this is a performance car first.

Despite Merc’s claims that the car will be a “true lightweight,” at 3500-ish pounds, the GT won’t be significantly lighter than the Z06 either. It should be a great competitor to the 550-hp, $99,000 Jaguar F-Type R though.

The antecedent SLS AMG GT wore the Black Series halo during the tail end of its 2010 to 2014 run, so it may give us a glimpse into the new car’s possible upgrades. At 622 hp, the wider SLS showed a 39–hp increase over the standard cars 583. It also weighed 154 lbs less, had carbon ceramic brakes on its shoes, and featured a rear differential lock for increased traction.

Let’s all cross our fingers that one day, this fantasy becomes a reality.

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