Yes, Count Homer, Rolls-Royce’s Ghost V-Specification IS faster than, say, a train

The biggest problem with the Rolls-Royce Ghost? Not enough power! Thankfully, Rolls has that sorted; it just released a new ‘V-Specification’ version with 593 horsepower.

Honestly, that much power seems a bit insane for a car that is meant to be driven in rather than to drive. And Rolls-Royce seems to agree. Rather than proudly announcing the release to the world in a press release, it just plopped the car unceremoniously on its website.

But I guess Jeeves will have a pretty good time carting you around in the Ghost V-Specification. Not only will this car have insane power; it also looks like it is ready for any number of hip hop videos. That’s thanks not only to sweet new exterior and interior touches but also a massive $450,000 price tag.

Aside from all the world’s horsepower, what do you actually get for nearly half a million dollars? You can have your car painted in two shades of black: black or “infinity black”,  which sounds to me like the title of a particularly mediocre sci-fi film. Or you can get colors that don’t sound like colors at all: Sapphire and Black Kirsch (Black Cherry). Okay, make that three black related colors.

To ensure Jeeves doesn’t get lazy while you’re inside the club having a brandy, Rolls has bolted up some 21-inch ‘Part-Polished’ wheels that are not only much more aggressively styled than a normal Ghost but also much harder to keep clean. If you have time to lean, Jeeves, you have time to detail the rims.

All together, this car is very Rolls Royce-y. It’s massively conspicuous consumption and yet somehow less gauche than much cheaper luxury cars, even when it’s painted in a color named for a soft drink flavoring. I remain mystified at how Rolls manages to pull this trick off every time it releases a new car.

If you have half-a-million and a valet, you are going to have to act fast because the Ghost V-Specification is only going to be on the market for a brief period. Likely ending when a face-lifted Ghost goes on sale next year.