Peter Braun

Peter Braun

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Peter is a freelance contributor to Digital Trends and almost a lawyer. He has loved thinking, writing and talking about cars since his first adventures with the ill tempered Volvos he learned to drive on. In his free-time Peter diagnoses the problems with his Volvo 850 Turbo, goes target shooting and reads about history.

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2015 Range Rover Sport Supercharged review

The Range Rover Sport is capable of dominating sand dunes, tracks, and the daily commute. In fact it begs the question, why would anyone get anything else?
Product Review

2015 Mini Cooper S Four Door review

The Mini Cooper may not be practical, but it is the perfect toy for the fashionable urbanite.

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai exposes the promise and pitfalls of fuel cells

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai is about to go from concept to California roads, giving Americans a glimpse at the future of hydrogen fuel cell power, warts and all.
Product Review

2016 Acura MDX review

The Acura MDX has all the features and performance of a luxury SUV, yet lacks an X-factor to push it over the edge.
Product Review

2015 Honda Civic EX-L review

The Honda Civic may not get hearts pumping or heads turning, but it lives up to its reputation as solid and dependable transportation.
Product Review

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf review

The VW e-Golf shows how far electric cars have come -- but unfortunately also shows how far they still have to go.