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Rolls-Royce reveals ‘world’s best’ bespoke interior offerings in New York

Rolls-Royce bespoke interior
Rolls-Royce isn’t the sort of car company to release a new car at every auto show. After all, even if it made financial sense it would be, well … immature. Still, its not as if the ultimate luxury automaker is going to let one of the biggest days on the automotive calendar slip past unnoticed. Thankfully, that means that the New York Auto Show gets to bask in the magnificence of three new bespoke Rollers.

Wraith Inspired by Film

The first of the three special editions is about as close to tongue and cheek as the esteemed British automaker ever gets. Inspired by the brand’s history in film, and its entry into the British Film Institute’s National Archive, Rolls-Royce has taken its most caddish car, the Wraith for a silver screen makeover.

The exterior gets the subtle but refined treatment of a secret agent, highlighted by a two-tone silver on slightly different – Rolls calls it Jubilee – paint job. The real show though is on the interior.

Rolls claims that the combination of Anthracite leather with Casden Tan accents and Maccassar Ebony wood reflects “the confidence and power of a modern super-hero’s suit.” I am not so sure about that, but there is no doubting that the combination looks great.

Bespoke Phantom Drophead Coupe

Designed to highlight the company’s infinite color palette, this custom Drophead shows off trim and paint that most automakers would be overjoyed to have as standard.

The exterior gets lashings of stunning but restrained Gunmetal paint, while the interior gets striking Mugello Red leather with black accents. These colors may seem bold for the sort of business moguls and aging royals who actually ride around in Phantoms. Remember, this is the Drophead Coupe, a car meant to be driven.

Rolls-Royce bespoke interior

JZ and the sorts of bolder Emir’s interested in the Drophead will also appreciate this car’s other bespoke touches, like the up-lit solid silver “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament, lighted treadplates and color coordinated umbrellas.

Bespoke Ghost Series II

Rounding out Rolls-Royce’s lineup of bespoke cars is a bespoke version of the Ghost Series II. The closest to an everyman car that Rolls-Royce sells gets dressed up in stunning paint, and a few other options to give customers the full Rolls experience.

A word about that paint, its a two-tone combination of Midnight Sapphire and Cassiopea Silver on the upper body, that offers a nice modern take on a classic combination. The interior too gets a classic pairing of black and tan leather that comes from eight hand selected cow hides.

Rolls-Royce bespoke interior

The interior also boasts two of what Rolls-Royce describes as “world’s best”: the world’s most comfortable seats and the world’s premiere incar audio. All together its hard to argue that this stunning car isn’t giving customers true ultimate luxury.

A word about “bespoke”

Those people playing at home may have noticed a sharp uptick in Rolls-Royce’s use of the word “bespoke,” even it has released two new cars in recent years. That is because customization is becoming an increasingly large part of the company’s business, particularly in markets like the Middle-East.

So the appearance of all bespoke options in New York shouldn’t be taken as a sign that Rolls doesn’t have anything more interesting. Instead, these cars are clearly there to showcase to customers just a bit of what they can expect when it comes time to build their Roller.

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