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The upcoming Acer Predator Triton 900 laptop has a display that flips


Although it wasn’t included in Acer’s product announcements during the IFA 2018 show in Berlin, the company provided a sneak peek for a gaming laptop called the Predator Triton 900. We don’t know any hardware specifics just yet, only that it sports a unique display frame that enables you to “flip” the screen 180 degrees.

Technically, the Predator Triton 900 isn’t a 2-in-1 device, but rather a laptop with a unique display hinge. For instance, you’re not going to use this device in Tent and Stand modes, and given the laptop’s cooling design, you likely won’t use it in Tablet mode either. If anything, the hinged screen brings the visuals closer to your face, or flip the screen, turn the laptop around and grab a controller for up-close-and-personal action in a Drive-In Theater-like mode.

According to Acer, the CNC-machined hinge will support a G-SYNC display at a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, powered by a discrete GeForce graphics chip and an Intel processor. Given this is a “sneak peek,” we’re going to presume this mobile gaming monster could rely on Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 20 Series although Nvidia has yet to announce its new GPUs for laptops. What’s inside will depend on when Acer actually launches this laptop.

Predator Triton 900 Gaming Laptop – Alter Your Perception

Other tidbits provided in Acer’s tease include a new fourth-generation AeroBlade 3D fan design. The CPU and GPU will reside in the area between the screen and the keyboard underneath an intake vent. A fan will reside on each side of the CPU/GPU pair, pulling in air from the keyboard area rather than through the bottom. Hot air is then jettisoned out the back and sides as usual. This is a great design given that your legs won’t block the air intake, but not ideal for a Tablet mode scenario.

The tease also shows that the Predator Triton 900 will include a low-profile RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, and a switchable trackpad located on the right side of the keyboard. With one touch, it transforms into an LED-illuminated number pad. Meanwhile, dedicated media keys appear above the top-left corner of the keyboard, and there also appears to be a front-facing speaker mounted on each side of the keyboard as well.

Hands-on with Triton 900 Gaming Laptop| Predator

Port-wise there appears to be plenty although we currently don’t have a definitive list. You can clearly see USB-C and USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, an SD card reader and more along both edges while a few others reside at the back. A glowing power button seemingly sits on the right edge, possibly including a fingerprint scanner.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get Acer to cough up any additional information. A representative said more details will be specified when each region announces the laptop. That said, all we can do for now is drool and read hands-on views stemming from the IFA 2018 show in Berlin.

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