Acronym Laptop Tote Bag stays upright with center laptop sleeve

acronym laptop tote bag stays upright with center sleeve 1

Everyone needs a tote bag that can hold all the daily essentials, plus a laptop and a few extra gadgets. If you’re someone who shuns the more traditional leather briefcase look, this bag from the Acronym Spring/Summer 2011 collection might fit the bill for a sportier, but still sophisticated, version. The Acronym Laptop Tote Bag (about $590) is not shy on style, but sticks with clean lines and a dark color palette that would be suitable for everything from a casual business meeting to a trip to the gym or day at the beach. The medium- to large-sized bag is made from Dimension Polyant Superlight X-Pac with Cordura 500d abrasion reinforcements for durability and long wear.

The most ingenious element of this deceptively simple bag can’t be seen from the outside. Instead of placing its removable 15-inch laptop pouch to one side, which as we all know, causes the whole bag to tip over if you’re not careful, Acronym has placed the protective laptop sleeve in the perfect center of the bag. Not only is this the most protected spot for your computer, but having the sleeve in the center also balances the bag so it will actually stand up, regardless of what else you throw in there. The tote bag also has a zip-top closure and a removable 25mm stabilization strap for cycling.