Lightroom CC and Surface Pro 3 learn to play nice in latest update from Adobe

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

In response to the success of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, Adobe updated its Lightroom CC photo-editing application on April 22 to better support the device.

New optimizations to Lightroom CC feature several changes to UI elements, according to For example, UI is now dynamic and can detect whether the Type Cover is connected. If the keyboard is connected, Lightroom works normally.

When the keyboard is disconnected from the device, Lightroom automatically detects the change. It switches to a new Touch Workspace that lets users swipe through photo previews, flag photos, boost exposure and make other adjustments to the image at hand.

Lightroom CC is now included with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and a free 30-day trial is available to those who want to check it out.

At the beginning of February, Microsoft cut the price of its most recent versions of the Surface Pro 3 for a limited time. It turned out that this move was a sign of things to come — Microsoft eventually instituted a trade-in program for older models. In the third week of April, the device had another $150 removed from its price tag. As a result of these moves, onlookers are beginning to speculate that a Surface Pro 4 is in the making.

A number of experts believe that a Surface Pro 4 could come this July. The devices would allegedly include Windows 10, and they would come in two different sizes (12 inches and 14 inches).

Microsoft has not confirmed any of these rumors thus far, so it’s hard to get excited about a product that may or may not exist. Given the current state of play, it might be worth simply indulging in the Surface Pro 3, Lightroom CC and all of the actual available items on the market for now.