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AMD accidentally revealed a killer new feature to rival Nvidia’s RTX Voice

AMD has just quietly announced a new feature on its YouTube channel, but before many people managed to catch a glimpse of it, the video was set to private and it cannot be viewed anymore.

Although AMD chose to take down the announcement, a teaser version of the video was preserved by a user on Reddit. The new feature, which is meant to be added to AMD’s Adrenalin drivers, is dubbed “AMD Noise Suppression.” This just might be AMD’s response to Nvidia’s RTX Voice — but the question is what’s going to happen to it now?

Promotional image of an AMD Radeon RX 6000-series graphics card.
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AMD Noise Suppression is steeped in mystery, but we do have a few clues gathered by Tom’s Hardware from various corners of Reddit. One of the users who allegedly managed to catch the video before it was taken down said in a post that AMD is planning to add the feature as a new setting in the Adrenalin driver, found in the Audio and Video Tab.

According to the user, toggling the setting to “on” will install a new virtual audio device. This can later be used in your audio application of choice. The software will rely on artificial intelligence and deep learning to effectively suppress noise in both output and input modes. This could prove to be a handy feature for most of AMD’s customer base, ranging from gamers who like to go on voice chat to professionals who attend frequent voice calls.

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Unfortunately, not much can be said about AMD Noise Suppression until the video makes a reappearance. The short teaser that was uploaded to Reddit was removed by the moderators of the r/AMD community, but the video can still be viewed. However, the full version is nowhere to be seen.

If AMD Noise Suppression is anything like RTX Voice, it will remove background noise from your microphone, which should result in a better audio experience without having to change your hardware. Despite the “RTX Voice” name, Nvidia patched its drivers to support older, non-RTX graphics cards at some point, which means that you don’t need one of Nvidia’s best GPUs to utilize it.

Now that AMD has taken down the video, what will happen to Noise Suppression? In all likelihood, this was an accidental announcement that took place too early. We will most probably hear about it again when AMD is ready, but there is no telling when exactly that might happen. It would make sense for it to be soon, though, seeing as AMD has a lot more important announcements coming up with the release of Ryzen 7000 and RDNA 3.

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