AMD Revives All-in-Wonder Video Card

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When chipmaker AMD took over ATI back in mid-2006, one of the first things it did was cancel the ATI All-in-Wonder, a moderately priced video card that combined graphics acceleration with an integrated television tuner. Now, AMD is bringing it back, announcing the ATI All-in-Wonder HD, a PCI 2.0 card that combines premium graphics and high-def playback capability with an HD television tuner.

"Never before has this level of HDTV and graphics performance been seen in an all-in-one PC multimedia solution," said AMD graphics group VP of marketing Matt Skynner, in a statement. "For the hundreds of thousands of owners of previous ATI All-In-Wonder models and for those hungry to realize the full potential of their PC, we’re excited and proud to introduce the newest addition to AMD’s PCTV product family."

The All-In-Wonder HD combines an ATI Radeon HD 3650 graphics processor with hardware acceleration for playback of Blu-ray content and enables recording of both HD and analog television using ATI Theater 650 Pro hardware-based MPEG-2 encoding. The card both HDMI and dual DVI connectors for pushing video to monitors or a television, but does not include HDCP support. AMD is including its own Catalyst Media Center for enabling DVR functionality, along with a new Entertainment Suite—part of the new AMD Live branding—that will enable users to access DVR features over any broadband Internet connection.

The ATI All-in-Wonder HD will be manufactured by Diamond Multimedia and Visiontek, and should be available in late July for a suggested price of $199.