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No trouble with these curves: AOC’s 35-inch AGON display is built for gaming

aoc agon 35 curved aocmonitor
Forget the hourglass figure, apple bottoms, and pears, the real curves can be found in AOC’s new 35-inch AGON monitor. The AG3512QCX has a 2000R curve to it, which is not the most extreme we’ve seen, but AOC claims that it’s optimal for gaming.

The new display has a 2,560 x 1,080 resolution, offered in the 21:9 format, and supports a full color range with 100 percent sRGB. Since it’s aimed at gamers, the response time is a speedy 4ms, though the 200Hz refresh rate will likely be of more interest, as that means native support for much higher frame rates than most gaming displays.

Adaptive Sync and Freesync are both supported, so there should be no issues with screen tearing, AOC claims that its low-input-lag mode allows for even faster mouse and keyboard inputs (as per Hexus), though considering those tend to go through your PC rather than the monitor, we’re a little skeptical on that claim.

As with many contemporary gaming displays, AOC’s latest cares about your eye. It comes with Flicker Free and Low Blue Light features, which should make it easier to get to sleep after long play sessions.

You can even have the monitor add ambient lighting to whatever’s behind and below it, thanks to bezel-mounted LED light strips. They don’t track what’s in game to change their hue in relation to on-screen content, but it should be good for those who want to set a particular mood when using their new monitor.

In terms of connectivity, the new AOC AGON display offers a single VGA port, one DVI Dual Link, one HDMI 2.0 connector, a single DisplayPort 1.2ad, and two USB 3.0 connectors, as well as audio and microphone ports.

Although we don’t have any U.S. pricing or release information yet, we do know the plan is to launch it in Europe in December for around 700 British pounds. If we remove the 20 percent value added tax it would be susceptible to over there and make a direct conversion, that would leave us with a pricing estimate just shy of $670 U.S. before taxes.

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