Asus Plans Three New Eee-Branded Computers

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Having spawned an entire generation of spin-off low-cost laptops with its Eee PC, Asus will be moving its Eee branding onward on to other products including a low-cost desktop, an iMac competitor, and a TV with a computer built in. Asus president Jerry Shen announced the new products on Wednesday, according to DigiTimes.

The low-cost desktop, dubbed the E-DT, should cost only $200 to $300 without a monitor. The desktop will initially harness Intel’s Celeron processors, but will likely move on to the Shelton’08 platform in the future. It will also be the first of the new Eee products to see the light of day, with a scheduled launch in April or May.

The E-Monitor is also set to adopt the Shelton’08 platform, but in an all-in-one form factor reminiscient of the Apple iMac or Dell XPS One with a screen size between 19 and 21 inches. Asus hasn’t released detailed specs for the system yet, instead relying on an expected price of $499 – less than half of either competitor – to generate interest. The system will debut in September.

Finally, the E-TV will be a 42-inch LCD display with a built-in computer. No system details are yet available, although as far as pricing, Asus expects the unit to demand a $200 premium over standard 42-inch displays when it launches in September.