Backupify releases One-Click Restore for Google Apps

backupify releases one click restore for google apps backupifylogoThis announcement definitely puts the company ahead and solidifies Backupify’s position on the leading edge of cloud data management.

Millions of businesses use Google Apps to simplify their IT needs. But just putting everything into the cloud, while it may make be more cost effective, doesn’t solve all your problems. These organizations are now faced with establishing IT best practices – including archiving, backup and business continuity – in this new cloud environment.

With small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) comprising the majority of Google Apps adopters, users are often non-technical employees with limited IT help. Building on its ability to provide an independent archive of all Google Apps data, Backupify’s One-Click Restore feature is an effective safeguard against data loss while operating in full compliance with current regulations.

“The information in our Google Apps account is so important to our business, that if we didn’t have access to it for even a day, we’d be in trouble,” said Miriam Schwab, founder of illuminea. “In order to protect our critical data, we needed a solution for round-the-clock protection for all of our data. After evaluating other options, we found that Backupify provides all the capabilities we needed to fortify our business against data loss. We’re happy to have the peace of mind that comes with having illuminea’s Google Apps data backed up and available whenever it is needed with Backupify.”

Google Apps backups occur automatically every 24 hours and Google Apps users or their IT administrators can access their archives at any time through any web browser, download information to their local PC, to their data center or use One-Click Restore to reinsert them directly to their Google Apps accounts.

Backupify for Google Apps is available for enterprises to try for 30 days. To learn more visit,