BFG Begins Shipping $8,000 Phobos Systems

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The over-the-top gaming rig that manufacturer BFG Tech showed off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is no longer just a flashy display. The company began taking orders for its ultra-exclusive Phobos, with prices starting at $3,000, on Thursday.

Besides the usual set of hot internals, including a choice of Intel Core i7 processors and Nvidia’s latest GTX-series graphics cards, BFG has dressed the system up with a number of unique touches. The most obvious would be its front-mounted touch LCD panel, which lets users view system performance, control multimedia, and even overclock it with a single touch. That’s not to mention the liquid cooling, integrated iPod dock, or even the cabling system, which allows cables to discretely trail out the bottom of the case rather than out the back.

As part of its stretch to offer the Phobos as a high-powered gaming machine for hands-off users who just want their systems to work, BFG will also offer concierge service with every system. This includes everything from the rather standard 24-hour tech support to more elaborate measures, like home installation by trained technicians, and a free follow-up visit to update drivers and clean the system.

BFG offers the Phobos in three configurations: performance, advanced, and elite. Prices start at $3,000, $5,000 and $8,000 respectively, and each system can be custom-configured to user specifications. All are available now.