“Biggest ID Fraud Case” Cracked

"Biggest ID Fraud Case" Cracked

The Department of Justice has cracked what it called “the single largest and most complex identity theft case” that’s ever resulted in charges. 11 people from the US, China, Belarus, Estonia and Ukraine have been accused of stealing the details of more than 40 million debit and credit cards then selling on the information, according to a BBC report. So far only one of those accused is in custody.

They used a technique called “wardriving” to hack into business and bank computers then installed their own data to access the information. They’re also believed to have driven around neighborhoods and accessed information by hacking into unprotected wireless networks.

They’re alleged to have hit at least nine retails chains, including TJX Corporation – which operates the TJ Maxx chain of shops – and Barnes and Noble.

US Attorney General Michael Mukasey said:

“Cases like these send a clear message to those who might be tempted to abuse our computer networks to steal information and harm law-abiding people and businesses.”

“If you do, we will track you down wherever you are in the world, we will arrest you and we will send you to jail.”

Law enforcement authorities from around the world co-operated on the case.

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