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Bitdefender beefs up Box with 2 new features to keep your network secure

Bitdefender recently updated Box with two new features to keep your network of gadgets secure: Vulnerability Assessment and Active Threat Control. Never heard of Box? It’s a stand-alone device that connects to your network router packing built-in anti-virus and anti-malware software, keeping all devices connected to the network safe from hackers. Now this solution just got a bit more secure.

According to Bitdefender, the new Vulnerability Assessment feature will scan everything connected to the home or office network to pinpoint weak spots that can compromise the network’s overall secure environment. For instance, hackers won’t access a Smart TV and change the channels out of sheer fun (although that would be funny), but gain access to other devices on the same network. After all, it only takes one broken lock to open the doors to all connected devices.

Because Box can be controlled by a smartphone app, to use this new feature, owners merely open the app and hit the Vulnerable Devices button. The service will then scan the network, identify all vulnerabilities, and inform the user in a detailed list. This will help owners address the device and/or network equipment that could potentially enable remote, unauthorized access to their network.

As for the new Active Threat Control feature, it will monitor processes and system events. If something suspicious pops up, the user will be alerted immediately. This feature uses machine-learning and behavior-based threat analysis. Thus, Bitdefender believes that this new feature will thwart sophisticated malware that has yet to be conceived, keeping your network secure now and way into the future.

“For years, traditional security solutions have been fighting an uphill battle against online criminals,” said Ciprian Istrate, vice president of consumer solutions at Bitdefender. “With the help of the latest innovations in online security, the Box changes that — it positions you, the users, at the top of the hill, giving you a permanent strategic advantage. It will give you the intelligence you need to strengthen your weak points, and even malware that has not yet been invented will not make it past your guard.”

Unlike the company’s Total Security and Total Security Multi-Device software solutions, this device adds iOS protection, next generation privacy protection, remote device management, protection for IoT devices (like network-based thermostats, lighting controls, etc.), and network discovery. With Box plugged into the router, all internet traffic is filtered before it reaches a connected device. That means you don’t need additional security software installed on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device within the home or office.

If customers have a standalone router connected to their ISP’s modem, Box setup should be rather simple. If the ISP provides a modem/router “gateway” combo, customers will need to contact their ISP to see if the gateway supports manual configuration changes (likely not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask). Chances are you’ll need a tech to come out and set Box up for you if the ISP is stingy with the administration credentials.

Bitdefender is currently offering Box for $99 until July 31 here in the United States, down $100 from the original price. Customers are essentially getting the device for free and paying $99 for a subscription to Bitdefender’s service. The website indicates that this subscription will cost $99 each year after that.

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