Bungie is hiring a ‘PC-compatibility tester’ for unknown project

bungie hiring destiny pc tester 12

Destiny developer Bungie is currently looking for a PC-compatibility tester to fill a much-needed role at the company. The job listing itself doesn’t say much about what project the new employee would be working on, though the implication is that they would be helping to port over Destiny from its console home to the PC.

“Are you kept up at night by the fear that your drivers might be out of date?” the job listing reads. “Do you get more excited than it’s seemingly [sic] reasonable about good cable management in a computer case? Do static bags and zip ties have a calming effect on you? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ then I believe we have a job for you at Bungie.”

Required skills include experience working on a shipped PC title, deep knowledge of PC hardware, some coding experience, and the ability to work within a highly motivated team for possibly more than 40 hours a week. Interest in automated testing is not required, but a big plus.

Unfortunately none of this really tells us specific details of the project. That leaves us in the territory of speculation, which does give us the chance to suggest that this may not be about a PC port and could perhaps be a position to aid PC development testing for Destiny 2, which as PCGamer points out, is thought likely to be coming out in 2016.

Although it will be some time before we know for sure, it does seem likely that due to the success of Destiny across the various console platforms, that any future games would be given a PC port too. Especially so considering the PC’s pedigree with first-person shooters.

Would you prefer to play Destiny with a keyboard and mouse if you could?