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Jaunt and Conde Nast’s ‘Invisible’ will be a VR series with scenes you can explore

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Updated on 10-25-2016 by Keith Nelson Jr: Jaunt, Conde Nast and Samsung recently released all six episodes on the Samsung VR, available through the Samsung Gear VR. You can check out the trailer here

Watching TV is the past; being TV is the future.

In a collaboration with 30 Ninjas production company, Condé Nast Entertainment and virtual reality company Jaunt will produce Invisible — an episodic action-adventure series in virtual reality and the first of its kind, the companies say.

Invisible will be a six-part serialized show about a New York City family, the Ashlands, with superpowers passed down through generations, and whose secret powers are on the brink of being exposed. The episodes will be directed by Michael Litwak, Jerome Sable, and Doug Liman, the latter of who runs the 30 Ninjas production company making Invisible along with producer Julina Tatlock. The series was made for immersive virtual reality, Jaunt Studios President Cliff Plumer said.

“There will be things happening all around you throughout this series,” Plumer told Digital Trends. “Every scene was set up so fans can explore, be entertained, and have a different experience every time they watch it.” One example of Invisible‘s level of immersion lies in the story itself. “Because of the powers that some have,” Plumer explains, “you never know where something is going to come out of in the scene.”

Invisible fits into Condé Nast’s plans for virtual reality scripted shows, which the company has been spearheading since partnering with Jaunt last April. Jaunt was introduced to the treatment for Invisible in late Spring of last year, and Condé Nast Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff has been involved as well. According to Plumer, Ostroff has been giving notes on the script and production. Plumer says Samsung joined last Fall, around the time Invisible went into development, and the consumer electronics company has been working on new ways to distribute the series to all its VR devices.

Each chapter of Invisible will be available via the Jaunt VR App. Principal photography was finished earlier this year, with a release date slated for later in 2016.

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