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Kiss boring desktop interiors goodbye with Corsair's new fan control system

CORSAIR COMMANDER PRO - Connect. Command. Control.
Corsair wants you to take your fancy lighting beyond the RGB keyboard and into your desktop PC. Along with a new range of HD140 RGB cooling fans, it’s also launching a new system of fan controllers headed by the Commander Pro, which lets you not only control your fans with ease but coordinate their lighting, too.

Although desktop interior lighting is hardly a new phenomenon, with the growth of RGB backlighting on keyboards and mice, for many companies, the focus over the past few years has been on peripherals. Corsair is looking to turn the RGB spotlight back on the interior of your system though, with its new range of products.

The Commander Pro is described as the ultimate controller for cooling and Corsair Link-enabled hardware. It’s a small black box that you can hide behind your motherboard tray and it connects up all of your cooling fans in one place. It has two RGB lighting channels, which can handle up to six fans or four LED strips a piece, and there are four thermistor inputs too, for temperature control and automated fan speed adjustment.


The system can control fans from 0 RPM, right through to their maximum, with fine-tuning controls and a number of baked-in lighting configurations. That keeps your system not only looking good, but running cool and most importantly quiet, as and when needed (thanks, Hexus).

You can even partner it up with Corsar Link-enabled hardware, like its all in one liquid cooling systems and power supplies.

If you want to expand the lighting options available to you and your RGB fans, Corsair is also offering a new Lighting Node Pro. It gives you access to some much more impressive lighting effects and custom color combinations for up to 12 fans and eight lighting strips. Four of those come with the Node Pro itself, so system builders and hardware enthusiasts can jump on the fancy lighting train in one bundled package.

The Corsair Commander Pro is available now, straight from Corsair, with a price tag of $70. The companion Lighting Node Pro system is a little cheaper, offering greater lighting options for $60. Each of the new Corsair HD140 RGB fans will set you back a further $35. It’s also available in a smaller, 120mm form factor, with a price tag of $30.

For those not looking for the full fan-controlling system, each fan comes with its own three-button controller, so you can manually adjust their lighting as and when you like.

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