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Corsair unveils upcoming slate of RGB gaming peripherals at Gamescom

From RAM to cases, Corsair produces just about every computer peripheral you can imagine, and does it well, too. The component manufacturer brought a handful of fun new gaming gadgets to Gamescom, including a new keyboard, mouse, and gaming headset that are all set to release within the year.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there’s no compromise for Cherry switches. These high-quality mechanical switches have become the gold standard for keyboards, and Corsair has worked with Cherry to develop Cherry MX Silent switches exclusively for the Strafe RGB Silent. These special switches are identical to Cherry Reds, but are 30 percent quieter.

For mice, Corsair is targeting the MMO crowd with the Scimitar, a gaming mouse with 12 buttons on the side, but with a twist. The panel of buttons can be pushed forward and backward, and lock in place so you don’t have to reach too far to hit all the buttons. The sensor is no slouch either, boasting 12,000 DPI and a 1 milisecond response time.

The new Void and Void wireless headphones replace the H1500 and H2100, replacing the previous design with a more ergonomic one. Both feature equalizer selection, improved microphones, and on-ear controls. The sound quality is high too, with Dolby 7.1 surround so you’ll hear them sneaking up behind you.

All three new products receive the RGB treatment, for individual, multicolor backlighting controlled by the revamped CUE app. The software allows you to manage a huge number of settings, and leverage gaming tools like macros, cooldown timers, and DPI levels, and of course lighting patterns. The recently announced RGB share will allow you to swap lighting schemes and macros with other users.

Corsair’s new lineup of gaming peripherals is priced to sell. The Strafe RGB keyboard will run you $150, plus an extra $10 if you opt for the Cherry MX Silent switches. The Scimitar RGB will hit shelves in September, with a list price of just $80. If you’re interested in the Void Wireless, it will only cost you $130, or $100 for the wired version. Drop the Dolby 7.1 for stereo, and the price comes all the way down to $70, and all the headsets will be available in late August.

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