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The CyberPowerPC Trinity is a gaming PC that looks ready for the next Star Wars trailer

Sure, a boring old desktop tower can be left in a rectangular space in your desk, but if you built a gaming PC complete with windows and lights, you wouldn’t hide it away. That’s why CyberPowerPC has taken a leap in a totally different direction with the Trinity gaming PC.

The CPU Blade is compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards, so you can choose from AMD or Intel chipsets, as well as install up to 16 GB of RAM. If you feel like you need it, the Trinity also supports liquid CPU cooling, although they claim the unique shape allows for greater airflow to individual components.

The Storage Blade has space for three 2.5″ SSDs and two 3.5″ bays for HDDs, plus a slot for a slim optical drive. That number of bays is pretty comparable to a full-sized tower already, and the same blade also houses your full-sized ATX power supply, with plenty of room in-between for cables.

The fun stuff is stored in the Performance Blade, where you have room for a full-length graphics card, which is a good compromise since there isn’t space for SLI. Alongside the card, you can also mount another three 2.5″ SSDs just in case.

Peel the outer layer of the case off, and you will see that each blade has a strong internal steel structure. That means you can set the Trinity on two of the blades like legs, or perch it on just one if you really want to convince people your computer is from the future. To keep all of your cables organized, the inner column of the computer acts as a cable path, allowing everything to connect easily.

The case is actually called the Tristellar, from component manufacturer Deepcool, known for gaming cases that have extra room for lots of cooling. However, for now the only way to get your hands on this unique case is to buy one built up from CyberPowerPC. For $955, you can have the base model, which comes equipped with a quad-core, 3.4 GHz AMD A10-7700K, an Nvidia GTX 750Ti, plus a 120 GB SSD and a 1 TB hard disk drive. You can easily customize the specs to push the Trinity above $3,000, but at that point you’re getting an i7-5960X and an EVGA Titan X, which is pretty competitive for the price point.

The CyberPowerPC Trinity isn’t for everyone, but with gaming systems already getting out from under the desk with bold design choices, it doesn’t feel totally out of place. It’s also great if you’re shooting a movie that takes place in a futuristic spaceship and you need a good prop.

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