Dell Download Store Gets Microsoft Software

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The software is out of the box…or, at least, it’s available for paid download. Computer maker Dell has announced that the Dell Download Store has become the first non-Microsoft service to offer unboxed versions of Microsoft software for downloadable purchase. Current offerings include a number of editions of Microsoft Office (like Standard, Professional, and Small Business editions) along with standalone applications like Word, Excell, Project, OneNote, and Visio.

“With everyday savings plus on-demand access, the Dell Download Store addresses our customers’ two main concerns: price and immediacy,” said Dell’s general manager for global software distribution Geoff Surkamer, in a statement. “In addition, downloading is a more environmentally friendly way to purchase and distribute software because there’s no need for packaging material.”

The Dell Download Store offers the software at a discount compared to a physical retailer—for instance, the Home and Student edition of Office 2007 typically carries a retail price of $149.99 in stores, but Dell offers it box-less and downloadable for $129.99. The Dell Download Store also maintains a library of purchases: if a computer is damages or stolen, users can download purchased software again at no extra charge.

The Dell Download Store also offers software from Intuit, McAfee, Webroot, VA, and AVG.