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Hurry! $500 off Dell Latitude laptops right now!

Not all laptop deals are the same, as some of the machines with cheap price tags won’t be able to keep up with your daily tasks. If you want reliability, it’s highly recommended that you go for Dell laptop deals, as the brand has made a name for itself in the computing industry through its dependable products that offer great value for money.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current laptop, Dell is offering significant discounts on a pair of machines that should warrant your consideration. The Dell Latitude 3510 is currently available at $505 off, bringing its price down to $609 from its original price of $1,114, while the Dell Latitude 5420 is on sale with a $1,034 price cut, lowering it to $1,679 from its original price of $2,713.

Dell Latitude 3510 — $609, was $1,114

Dell Latitude 5420 — $1,679 from $2,713

Dell Latitude 3510 — $609, was $1,114

Dell Latitude 3510 Laptop

The Dell Latitude 3510 comes with the 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, which makes it capable of multitasking between several productivity apps without any slowdowns. It features an integrated Intel UHD Graphics card, which makes everything that appears on the laptop’s 15.6-inch HD display look crisp and clear. There’s also a 500GB SATA HD, which ensures that you won’t run out of space for your essential software and documents any time soon.

The laptop is equipped with the Dell Optimizer, an artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform that learns your working patterns and makes adjustments to match your style. Its features include Express Response, which adjusts performance levels; ExpressCharge, which improves battery performance; and Intelligent Audio, which tunes the laptop’s audio depending on your needs.

For an affordable laptop that won’t let you down, the Dell Latitude 3510 is a solid choice. The laptop is currently on sale from Dell with a $505 discount, lowering its price to a very cheap $609 from its original price of $1,114. There’s no telling when stocks will run out, though, so if you want to purchase the Dell Latitude 3510 for nearly half off, you should click that Buy Now button immediately.

Dell Latitude 5420 — $1,679 from $2,713

An open Dell laptop with blue and orange wallpaper

The Dell Latitude 5420 packs more powerful components compared to the Dell Latitude 3510, with the 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 16GB of RAM enabling even the most advanced apps on the laptop. Behind the 15.6-inch HD screen is the Intel Iris Xe graphics card for an even better look at the websites that you browse and the streaming content that you watch. For storage, the laptop’s 512GB solid-state drive provides ample space for all your programs and documents.

The Dell Optimizer is also inside the Dell Latitude 5420, with additional features such as ExpressSign-in, which wakes up the computer as soon as you are detected nearby, and ExpressConnect, which automatically links the laptop to the strongest network while directing bandwidth to the most important apps. Meanwhile, the dual opposite outlet fans and side vents of the Dell Latitude 5420 keep it cool and running at peak performance, even after several hours of usage.

If the Dell Latitude 3510 isn’t enough for your personal requirements from a laptop, you should consider the Dell Latitude 5420. Dell is selling the laptop with a $1,034 discount, bringing its price down to $1,679 from its original price of $2,713. A $1,000 discount is no joke, so if you want to enjoy four-figure savings on the Dell Latitude 5420, you should click that Buy Now button before time runs out.

More Dell laptop deals

You can’t go wrong with the Dell Latitude 3510 or Dell Latitude 5420 as your next laptop. However, there are more discounts out there, and if you’d like to take a look at these alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best Dell laptop deals that are currently available from different retailers.

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