Downloads On-Tap wants to wipe out inconvenient installation

www.downloadsontapSick of trolling the Internet in search of software apps? Do you often forsake that search because finding individual programs for you system just becomes too exasperating? DownloadsOnTap knows your pain. The free online service (now in beta) lets you pick and choose with a simple search what apps and extension you want, put them in your very own download pack, and the site will do the rest of the work for you.

“Whether you’re upgrading to a new operating system or doing a clean reinstall of Windows, hunting down, doanloading and reinstalling all your favorite software applications can be tedious and time-consuming chore,” content manager Craig Diamond says. “DownloadsOnTap simplifies this process by enabling you to find the apps you need all in one place and download and install them all at once.”

The service not only wants to generally streamline your app hunting and installing process, it wants to help you find the software you need. There are a couple preset packs, such as one with computer security specifically in mind, and searching for applications by category or name yields plenty of results.

Perhaps DownloadsOnTap’s most attractive feature is that it doesn’t require any of your information – if you don’t want to provide it. You’re more than welcome to use the site for your app installation needs (all for free as well) without providing going through any registration process whatsoever. Of course, if you do set up an account you can create download packs for future use and have extended customization options.

The only caveat we could find with the service is that it won’t feature as wide of  selection of apps as some might like. Browsing through the Chrome Web Store, we chose a few popular apps to see if they were in OnTap’s database. Gilt, Hootsuite, and Evernote weren’t available. Downloading all of these in one fell swoop would be a convenience. On the other hand, there are plenty of necessities OnTap can help you with, like Picasa, Gimp, ZipGenius, BitComet, and TweetDeck. We expect that as it grows, so will its available apps. But for the time being, get your mass downloads on with one click.